Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A survey for you, our readers

Found this on the ground today and it made me laugh. So with the end of the world coming, the holidays looming. Lets all pause and share a little of ourselves. I'll go first........

3.Finishing my house
4.Gluing magnets to things
5.Non dairy creamer
6.El Pastor tacos

Your turn........


MPSharn said...

1. Roger (love)
2. Painting furniture
3. A quiet mind
4. Creating order out of chaos
5. Bot fly infestation
6. Stephen King novels, mint-chocolate chip ice cream and roller coasters

Anonymous said...

1. The crossing guard with the green whistle and red helmet at the corner of Martin and Main Gate
2. Clean the toilets on the weekend at the detox center, my court ordered public service for the next six months.
3. That I am first at garage sale and there are over 40 signed mint genuine Warhol's, Pollacks, Calder's, Picasso's paintings: $5 each, three for $10.
4. growing opium poppies and cooking meth with Mom's secret recipe.
5. head lice and pin worms
6. Cuddling in bed with Izzy and Sparky my dogs (MZ)